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Evolution launches new crash game: Stock Market

Evolution has unveiled its latest addition to the gaming world with the launch of "Stock Market" – a crash game designed to offer players an experience reminiscent of the financial markets.

In Stock Market, players assume the role of stock market traders and are tasked with predicting whether a trading session will conclude above or below the starting stock value.

The game unfolds rapidly, allowing players to capitalise on their predictions and increase their portfolio value through a series of successful bets, although this involves a virtual financial market.

To play, participants place their bets on either "Up" or "Down" depending on their anticipation of stock value movement.

As the trading session unfolds,slots the stock value chart evolves, displaying various interim values before reaching the final result. Players' profits or losses are determined by the percentage of the stock value movement relative to their chosen prediction.

Stock Market aims to cater to a range of player preferences by offering four distinct variants of the game. These variants modify the gaming experience by introducing features such as live video streams with game hosts, automatic re-wagering of bets and options for cashing out portfolios either automatically or manually after each round.

Evolution is primarily known for its live casino offerings, so this new crash game offering may come as a surprise to some – not least of all as the game currently features on the homepage of the company’s website.